Havana Cuba All-Stars: ASERE! A Fiesta Cubana

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 7:30PM

Havana Cuba All-Stars: ASERE! A Fiesta Cubana

Back by popular demand!


The Havana Cuba All-Stars return with their brand-new show Asere! A Fiesta Cubana! This high-energy group, featuring some of Cuba’s most talented musicians and dancers, returns to Wausau with a joyous celebration of the best of Cuban culture.

Showcasing classic rhythms and melodies from the cha-cha to the rumba, from the Son Cubano style to salsa, the All-Stars will highlight a wide variety of Cuban beats. The group is inspired by and dedicated to promoting the entire tapestry of Cuban music and dance through a fresh, contemporary lens.

With the greatest dancers and musicians of Cuba working in tandem, Asere! A Fiesta Cubana is a spirited spectacle of song and dance, exemplifying Cuba’s greatest musical traditions.

Tickets start at $29.00.

For more information on the Havana Cuba All-Stars, visit www.columbia-artists.com.


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